A Comparison of HIFU Devices

Hifu is a more recent prostate cancer treatment alternative that is gaining favor with urologists and patients. HIFU treatments are available in Europe for over ten years and were accepted by Health Canada in 2003. There are 2 types of HIFU gadgets: Ablatherm and Sonablate. Assuming you are contemplating treating your prostate cancer using HIFU, it is important to comprehend the two choices available to choose the one that is great for you.

Ablatherm versus Sonablate HIFU gadgets

There are Two medical gadgets that perform the intense focus ultrasound procedure. One is the Ablatherm gadget that is manufactured in France. Another is Sonablate, made by a U.S. company. Both gadgets are used to treat prostate cancer using PC imaging and targeted infrared waves to heat and obliterate cancer cells on the prostate.

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The gadgets, While doing a similar ability, do have contrasts:

  1. The imaging is much better on the Ablatherm gadget with double ultrasound transducers on the evaluation delivering 7.5 megahertz imaging vs 4 megahertz single picture with the Sonablate.
  1. The shooting gadget on the evaluation is PC Controlled on both versions to target tumors on the prostate. High precision is essential to stop rectal injury and to maintain neurovascular package that regulates erectile capacity. The hifu singapore price Sonablate innovation requires different tests to complete the treatment as a result of short focal length. Each test head ought to be manually positioned and manipulated, which makes the process very operator dependent. The Ablatherm gadget is located by the doctor and robotically controlled via quite precise software. The factor injury tallness from the evaluation allows power to be delivered in a pattern that conforms to the anatomy of the prostate. The energy is delivered to the goal in a 1/10thof a millimeter precision.
  1. The onus for security is on the Operator using the Sonablate gadget. They are essential to monitor the security parameters and correct the energy output to stop rectal injury or harm to surrounding tissue. The Ablatherm gadget will automatically disengage if any of the parameters of the four safety features are broken. The Ablatherm gadget has 4 sensors that track rectal wall temperature, rectal wall thickness, distance to target and an outside motion sensor. The security features are checked before every release of electricity and the gadget will not fire if any of the four parameters are violated. There are 600-700 sparks during each treatment, and the security parameters are checked before each and may disable the gadget to avoid injury.