Become a Self Employed Courier: Make Money with Driving Jobs

There are lots of ways to make money just by driving from one location to another, and the food service industry can be left out of it completely. It’s possible to become a self employed courier by operating on a freelance or independent contractor basis. Learn how to make money with driving jobs.

Courier Jobs

To become a self employed courier, learn a little bit more about the market for these services first. Which companies and individuals might make use of drivers capable of delivering items and people?

Medical facilities. Many labs and healthcare institutions make use of couriers who can carry samples and supplies from one location to the next.

Newspapers and magazines. It’s still quite common for people to receive regular deliveries of newspapers, magazines and other serialized publications. In some cases, these companies may hire self employed couriers to get the job done.

Legal services. Law offices and other businesses associated with the law might need delivery drivers for a variety of reasons. Some paperwork is too time-sensitive or otherwise important to be left up to regular land mail services, and this provides a lot of opportunities for self employed couriers.

Supply companies. Many different types of supply companies, including plumbing and other construction material retailers, make use of couriers who can deliver items which have been ordered by other businesses. logistics app

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Auto parts retailers. Often, auto parts retailers use drivers who can make deliveries to a variety of different businesses and individuals.

Parents. Busy parents can almost always use a courier service- but it can be difficult for anyone to trust their children with strangers. It’s important to receive proper training, insurance and records before professional couriers can gain the necessary credentials to have a shot at gaining this kind of driving job.

Self Employment and Driving Jobs

What does it take to become a self employed courier? First, have a very reliable, very safe vehicle which is inexpensive to properly maintain. It doesn’t hurt if this vehicle gets great gas mileage, too, especially in the current economic crunch. It’s also important for those making money with driving jobs to maintain proper insurance (it’s best to have full coverage) and to be bonded, if possible.

To be bonded is not quite the same as being insured, but it is similar, and it can be very important for couriers who are transporting goods of any kind. Professionals pay on a policy with a bonding company, which in turn pays the professional’s clients in the event of loss, theft or damage. Having this in place can be especially important for self employed couriers who must rely upon their own reputation and means to find driving jobs.